As more and more international students come to study in Europe, we are challenged biblically to offer hospitality and to reach out to them with the gospel.

IFES’ work among international students is a strategic way to impact the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Students come from all over the world to study in Europe - many from countries where they would normally never meet a Christian or hear about Jesus. We long to see student-led witnessing communities reaching out to the far side of the world - in the room next door to them. And we long to see believers return to their home countries secure in their faith in Jesus and able to lead others to him.

Main goals for the IFES International Student Ministry:

  • To ENVISION – for befriending international students to help them to experience God’s love;
  • To INSPIRE – for building a lively network for support in reaching out to the world at our doorstep;
  • To EQUIP – for sharing the gospel with cross-cultural awareness.