Here are some great websites.....

IFES World - find out details of national movements worldwide using the 'Regions' section.

Friends International - working in the UK with International Students. Their website has some great resources especially for International students.

InterVarsity USA - international students in the USA

OMF Diaspora Ministries - passionate about working with East Asians and preparing them to return home. - an interdenominational mission with the vision of sharing the gospel with the Chinese in Europe. Visit their 'bookroom' to buy Chinese & bilingual bibles, Chinese Christian books and evangelistic tracts etc. - a great resource for big questions

IGUW - Das Institut für Glaube und Wissenschaft is a German resource library with a few articles in English and Russian too!

Global Impact 2018

You can listen to the main Bible talks from the 2018 conference here.


Global Impact 2016

You can listen to several of the talks from the 2016 conference here.

For those with access, the ISM Resource library can be accessed via this link (password protected)